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2,575 Grafts FUE Før / Etter

Surgery by: Dr. Hasson
Surgery Type: FUE
Norwood Scale: 5
Number of Grafts: 2,575
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This Vancouver area patient in his mid-30’s came to the clinic to address his receded hairline and thinning frontal zone. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted his new hairline to have a more conservative “V” like design or a more aggressive design which was a little more linear. After further thought and discussion with Dr. Hasson, the more aggressive design was the choice. Given his donor area characteristics and projected final hair loss pattern, the more aggressive approach would be possible and not leave him in an unenviable position in the future. Facial features and bone structure are taken into consideration and a few options regarding the design of hairline are usually possible. There are head shapes and features that would dictate the best hairline to actually make a patient look more handsome (or attractive, if you will, in the case of a female patient). Dr. Hasson is very good at assessing what design may best suit each patient. This skill can often times be overlooked as a critical component of an impressive and natural looking hair transplant. All other aspects can be in place but without proper hairline design, the aesthetics of the result will suffer. In some cases a patient will choose a hairline that will still look good and allow for a significant cosmetic improvement that would not be the hairline Dr. Hasson would choose. There must be a balance between what the patient would like and what will still look natural. While there may be two to three choices and the design the patient choses may not necessarily be the design Dr. Hasson would choose, there is some leeway. However, he will not recreate anything that will look unnatural regardless of what the patient may desire. A patient is not likely to have a total understating of hairline design and it is for this reason Dr. Hasson must protect the patient from himself in some cases when an inappropriate hairline is requested.

2,575 Grafts FUE - Før / Etter



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