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    Hårtapsnett er en nettside laget for å spre informasjon om hårtap, hårtransplantasjon og behandlinger av hårtap.

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Bilder og video Dr Bisanga, 2528 FUE + 200 BHFUE, 0-5 månader

Fredrik - BHR Clinic

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På torsdagar äter man pannkaka och postar case, det är sen gammalt!

Denna gång är fallet extra speciellt! Vi introducerar Dr Kostis, som tränats av Dr Bisanga under två år i Bryssel. Där utför han nu operationer för 2,5 € per transplantat under Dr Bisangas övervakning.

Han ville naturligtvis även få ordning på sitt eget hår. Han har inte det bästa givarområdet så en konservativ approach gällde med tanke på framtiden. Vi kompletterade även med hår från bröst. Ta del av Dr Kostis historia nedan.

Hi to all forums users/readers, this is my first post and my pleasure also to share my own personal experience and hair transplant with you all.

It is still early days but the result already has been very dramatic and to the point my own family and friends hardly recognise me now. In short I am delighted and this was like for many an important step for me and I know that I have another half a year at least to the final stage but it has already paid dividends and worth sharing already.

I am a doctor myself and I have been training with Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic, for the past two years, so I have seen firsthand the transformations of patients and have undergone extensive training to perform hair transplantation surgery. So, I have the theory and the practical experience of performing them but also as a hair loss sufferer, I wanted to address this, firstly because I am human, yes, I am a patient as well as a doctor, and for me personally and professionally it was an important step to take.

I can really say that undergoing surgery, aside from the primary reason, to improve my appearance, it has also enabled me to connect with patients who will also undergo it, I know now what they feel and experience and I can say it has wholeheartedly given me another view and empathy with them and even though I knew I was in the best hands, I also had some nerves about surgery that is common to all patients.

Secondly, I believe in the product we offer, I have seen countless transformations but to be part of one as I am now it testament to the work and I am now a walking advertisement to the quality and naturalness of the work that Dr.Bisanga produces, people can listen to education and consultation summaries but now in me they can see also the product and change.

My family have a history of hair loss and so I was realistic in this and my age and current loss, donor limitations, were factors in the design I wanted to have, conservative yet also to frame my face naturally and to address as much as possible in one sitting. I wanted to practice what I preach and could see a conservative approach would be wise and really keep me in good stead for future loss.

As you can see from the photos, my donor was not the thickest in areas, so with this in mind we also decided to harvest some chest hair, and for me this was a good option as I have a lot of it and also the compatibility was very agreeable and really comforting to know also this is a future donor source and in Dr.Bisanga’s hands I knew it would also be a success.

My density was 65/75 so as guessed more on the lower side and was also a factor in the approach. I have been on 5mg Oral Minoxidil since the surgery.

I will also share the chest extraction photos and healing for the users to see.

Lastly, a BIG thank you to Dr.Bisanga and the team who worked on me and made this possible, I am grateful and also excited for the ongoing change and will update throughout the year and be happy to answer any questions!



1s 451/451 hairs
2s 1237/2474 hairs
3s 752/2256 hairs
4s 88/352 hairs

Total 2528/5533, 2.18 Average Hairs per FU.

1s 182
2s 18
Total 200




Fredrik - BHR Clinic

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9 månaders update från Dr Kostis!

Hi All and apologies for the delay in getting this update. I am very busy as a hair transplant surgeon and so it has been a few months since my last update that I have been keen to present, so here are my 9 month photos.

I am very grateful to Dr.Bisanga and the team as to how this is progressing and will for my next surgery tackle my crown and be booking that in the neat future.

It has been for me especially as a surgeon, life changing and instills confidence in the product as I am a walking testimony.

The growth has been very good and really natural and my own family and friends who were skeptical at first are really now amazed.

I will also post a video we took at the clinic and be happy to answer any questions..Again a big thank you to Dr.Bisanga and the team at BHR Clinic for this wonderful transformation so far.

Take care,