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Hasson & Wong Upcoming Free Consultations - Oslo Norway - April 26


Hasson and Wong patient advisor Thomas is returning to Oslo Norway next month to see patients on April 26. You can learn more about Thomas here: https://hassonandwong.com/hair-transplant-story/

On this visit he will be joined by Øystein, another Hasson and Wong patient whose story can be seen here:

To meet them and see if you are a good candidate for a hair restoration procedure at our clinic,
reserve your spot here: https://hassonandwong.com/consultations-in-your-city/
You can also call 1-800-859-2266 Toll-Free or email us at info@hassonandwong.com.
Litt info om Hasson and Wongs sin utvikling og hva de har gjort for hårtransplantasjon industrien.
Tekst skrevet av Dr. Victor Hasson. Artikkel er fra 2016.

Se link om FUE og utviklingen for best mulig resultater
Hasson and Wong - Setting New Standards For FUE

At H&W, we have been world leaders in strip surgery. We have either developed or made substantial contributions to many aspects of the modern hair transplant surgical process.

These include the following:
  • Lateral slit technique
  • Custom blades for recipient sites
  • Custom blade cutting machine (over one thousand of these are used by HT clinics around the world)
  • Ultra dense packing
  • Large mega sessions (4000 – 9500fu per sessions)
  • Ultra refined grafting – a term coined by HTN’s Pat Henessey when I introduced the variable of multi- hair FUS orientation importance in the HT process.
I know of no other clinic that has contributed more to the field of strip surgery.
With all of these innovations, I am sure that you can imagine that we are forward thinking individuals, always searching for a better process. If you look at the innovations we have pioneered, you may note one important commonality. They all relate in some way to the implantation process of the hair transplant procedure. Not to the strip harvesting procedure! If we were able to harvest FUS by the FUE process, all of our innovations could be equally applied.
I admit that we have been slow to jump aboard the FUE bandwagon. The last thing that we wanted to do was provide FUE surgery results that were ‘mediocre’ and reduce our status to just another clinic ‘ now offering FUE ‘.
We have spent the last four years researching the FUE process. We have looked at manual punches, multiple varieties of power punches and purchased an Artas robot. Each technique has been assessed from multiple angles and in great depth.
While we originally had success with the manual punch, we have since come to a conclusion that the best technique -in our opinion – and by a large margin, is the motorized flat punch.
I would like to thank personally our friends Dr. Jose Lorenzo and Dr. Jean Devroye, for their very kind assistance and opening their doors for us -so we could learn their techniques.
We are now performing approximately one FUE procedure daily. The extraction is performed by our team of RN’s, who have been working with us for many years. They have developed a level of fine motor skills way beyond the level of most, or perhaps any, physician, which adapts them perfectly to this skill. The motorized punch allows us to perform up to 2500-3000 extractions daily.
I never imagined that FUE grafts, if extracted properly, could look so close to those of strip. Nor could I have predicted that the donor area could look so pristine and almost perfect only 1 week after the procedure.
Dr. Victor Hasson
One Day After Surgery

FUE day after surgery back of head

Seven Days After Surgery

one week post up FUE surgery back of head

We will be posting videos and photos of the extraction process and the grafts obtained. I’m confident you will be as impressed as I am.
I would like to thank two of our amazing techs – Carmen and Elena – for their hard work – being shifted to places around the world, and their sheer dedication to getting this process so perfect.
Due to our industry leading FUT results and our world-renowned reputation, prospective hair transplant patients have been patiently waiting for us to offer FUE hair transplants. We’re proud to announce that the wait is over.
We’re confident that our recent discoveries will set new standards in FUE methods and we look forward to providing the evidence to support these claims.
Stay tuned much more about FUE to come!

Victor Hasson, MD