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Bilder WHY Hasson and Wong ? What should one look for when choosing a clinic?

Thomas M. Angellsen

Aktivt Medlem
We believe we have the best technology in the industry. Hasson and Wong have been in the conversation for the world’s top hair restoration clinic for the last two decades. Our famous FUT put us on the map and we have felt for several years now that our FUE results rival that of our famous FUT results or exceed them. We are equally proficient in both methods of extraction.

While proper execution of the harvest is very important, there are other factors involved in achieving the most desirable outcome. We have perfected all aspects of the modern-day transplant. There can be a premium for the best in the world, maybe a slightly higher one for our FUE. Patients traveling from all parts of the globe to our clinic recognize this and are willing to pay for the results we can deliver. However, not all can justify the high cost of a transplant whether it be at our clinic or another more expensive clinic who may not deliver as good a result. While the quality of the work is usually and hopefully the key component in determining price, it is not always the case. You can also overpay for inadequate work.

When it comes to Hasson and Wong, we are not for everyone. Patients who may have some financial limitations but more importantly may have lower expectations and would be happy with less density, not as concerned with proper angle and direction of the transplant hair and the artistic ability of a doctor who can design the most optimal natural hairline, a lesser clinic may be a good option. It comes down to expectations. If you want a dense packed hairline that is natural and is best designed to bring out your facial features and has the greatest impact on your appearance, it is unlikely you can achieve that without going to a top clinic.

When examining a result, you must look carefully at the hairline. Don’t just assume that a once bald patient looks better because he has some hair now. If the photos are not revealing, the results may not be as good as it seems even if the patient appears to look better. The photos must be clear and show enough detail to properly evaluate. Small photos that are of poor quality and show little detail can hide many flaws. While the patient looks better on the surface, you can’t tell how good the work is. In this photo set, you can see details, you can determine the angle and direction of the transplanted hair, you can see the uniformly very high density. This result is proof that Hasson and Wong are still delivering today. You will look long and hard to find similar results with this transparency.

If your expectations are low and attention to detail is not important and just some degree of improvement will make you happy, most average clinics with a reasonable degree of competency should be able to deliver an acceptable average or less than average result. However, it may take them more than one procedure to achieve adequate density in any given area. But you’ll still need to be careful. Unfortunately, we’ve done our fair share of repair cases. Some clinics can leave you in a worse position than you were in before the transplant. Those are the clinics to avoid at all costs.